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Concert for Weelchair Users

Suntory Hall just released more photos from the latest "Chamber Music Concert for Wheelchair Users"(on Sep.21st at Blue Rose), which I produced the program and participated in. 4 years ago 51 students and guardians came and the number kept increasing steadily each year ever since. This year we exceeded last year's figure of 144. The photos speak better than words of the social significance of this concert series. It has been both privilege and honor to work on this project sponsored jointly by Suntory Hall and Nippon Music Foundation.


Matthias Goerne's "Winterreise"

Today I listened to a famous baritone Matthias Goerne who sang Schubert's "Winterreise" at Suntory Hall. I liked his interpretation from the beginning but especially enjoyed from no. 15 song "Crow" to the end of the cycle. The last two songs were played without break and the last song "Organ Grinder" were played and sang with beautifully soft vioce and delicate nuances. When pianist Markus Hinterhauser hit his last notes, I wish I could have had about at least 10 seconds of silence to savor the feeling of hopelessness which Mr. Goerne and his pianist did so eloquently presented to us.

Pressler Recital

Yesterday, after taking part as a jury member for the Student Music Concours of Japan at Suntory Blue Rose, I walked to Suntory Concert Hall to listen to a recital given by 93 year old Pressler, who is a legend in chamber music and piano playing. To appear onto the stage and to settle into the playing seat, he needed a cane and an assistant's hand. But the anxiety of the audience disappeared quickly as soon as he hit his first note: everyone was entranced and started to listen with utmost concentration. I could almost hear the sound of breathing of people around me. How can an elderly man create such a magically rich world with his hands and feet? As the program progressed I heard some sniffles and during the encores, I saw many listened with teary eyes.


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